Nicholas Shanks

Quick Bio

I am a Mac/iPhone programmer & web developer based near London. I currently work for the Royal Opera House as a full-stack web engineer.

Contacting Me

My vCard, PGP key and S/MIME certificate are available on the Web of Trust page.

Active Projects

  • An unnamed, unreleased REST framework

    Provides a basis for collections and collection items, supporting the usual REST operations, plus PATCH, LINK and UNLINK, and method tunnelling via POST for inadequate clients.

  • Strict Mode

    A web browser for web developers, based on Chromium.

Previous & Inactive Projects

  • ab2foaf

    Exports your Mac OS X address book to FOAF format.

  • Alkor

    A character editor for Blizzard's Diablo II.

  • BoinxTV

    Live video production software. Winner of the 2009 Apple Design Award for the category ‘Best Mac OS X Leopard Developer Showcase’.

  • Bumblebee

    A bespoke customer, job, and invoice tracking system.

  • FreeCol

    A multi‐platform clone of Sid Meier's Colonization game.

  • HexEdit

    A sexadecimal file editor for classic Mac OS.

  • ResKnife

    A resource editor (like ResEdit) for Mac OS X.

  • XFN Graph

    Crawls and displays XFN relationships.